Why Won’t He Talk to Me?

the simple truth about men and intimate communication | Dr. Debi Smith

Does the man you love …

  • withdraw and refuse to talk?
  • have problems opening up with you?
  • frequently misunderstand what you’re saying?

You may have begun to believe men …

  • are insensitive jerks
  • do not have normal feelings
  • are only interested in themselves
  • just don’t get what is most important

If so, you are in good company!

  • Very few women know the truth about men.
    Much less how to communicate with one.
  • Because most of us have been terribly misinformed.
    But I am out to change that!
  • Benefit from my professional experience in understanding men.
    So don’t give up! Study and practice these principles instead.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Communication Problems – how to avoid them
  • Communication Styles – how to understand him
  • Communication Strategies – how to get him talking
Dr. Debi Smith
Dr. Debi Smith

About the instructor

Dr. Debi Smith is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Couples Counselor, and Marriage Educator. She has taught and written several books on the Psychology of Men and Romance.

As a former Professor, she loves to teach effective ways to apply biblical principles and scientific research to everyday life.

Now you can benefit from her years of professional experience!


Maybe you have already tried everything you can think of. But don’t give up! You can improve your couple communication, and this FREE course for women will help you begin to turn things around more quickly than you might imagine.

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